Home Affordability Program

Stop dreaming, and start owning your own home.

Project Houseworks’ Home Affordability Program helps low-income families and individuals achieve the dream of home ownership by providing affordable purchasing opportunities.

Project Houseworks buys and rehabilitates homes across Omaha, making the dream of home ownership a reality for those who may have thought it was out of reach. Our homes are thoroughly inspected and made ready for you on day one. Ready for you to start writing your next chapter.

Buying a home is intimidating. We’re taking some of that stress away.

Affordable financing.

This isn’t a handout. But with financing through our partners, it is a hand up. Project Houseworks makes it possible for you to get a quality home at a price that you can afford.

Down payment assistance is available to those who qualify.

If your gross family income is $50,000 or less, you may be able to qualify for a mortgage with as little as a $500 down payment.

Not a fixer-upper.

These homes are affordable, clean, and move-in ready from day one.

Project Houseworks homes are completely ready for you to live in. Paint, flooring, appliances, plumbing and electrical brought up to code, roofing and exterior inspected and repaired if necessary. Our goal is to give you a worry-free home for at least the next five years.

Prices are below the market in Omaha in order to make owning your own home possible. This isn’t a sweat equity deal. It’s your home. For you to build a life in.

Home ownership is the key to generational wealth.

The fact is, you’re going to pay a mortgage. Yours, or your landlord’s.

We want to provide you an opportunity to make a dream happen for you and your family.
With a home financed through one of our lending partners, you’re building your own equity and a new life for your family.

Everybody wins.

Families and individuals get a home to build a life in. Neighborhoods stay vibrant. And the entire community grows together and grows stronger.

Buying a home is intimidating, but we’re taking some of that stress away.

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